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Salama Alremeithi is a Soulistic Alchemist & Wellness Coach. Her healing journey began after many medical procedures since she was born with hip dysplasia which led to many complications in her nerves, creating instability in her mental & emotional health, she sought out for alternative methods to heal herself and explore the world of natural healing. She devoted her life to seek the truth and research the wisdom of ancient practices of TCM, Ayurveda, Tantra, Shamanism, Taoism, Sufism, Syncretism and the medicines of her ancestors. Salama is certified in (BAS) in Public Health & Nutrition, Health Coaching, Quantum & Energy Healing modalities, Sound & Voice Alchemy. Her passion for expressive arts, music and singing connected her deeper into her womb wisdom and feminine embodiment. Combining modern & ancient sciences with holistic healing arts she creates a Soulistic approach to hold a safe space for women to heal their mind, body & soul, remembering their innate wisdom and express their truth through voice and embodiment. She guides them to go deep into their emotions and subconscious mind incorporating all senses to release the blocks and realign them to their divine soul purpose.

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