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About Us

Heal your mind body & soul

We are a platform that provides a safe space for women to reclaim their innate power. Our Soulistic sessions, mentorships, immersions, and retreats offer women the opportunity to explore their innermost selves and to connect with other women on the same journey, both online and onsite. Let us support you in your path of awakening and transformation.


To support women to live in alignment with their authentic expression, and remember their divine truth.


To transform women to embody their wholeness, trust their self healing power and inner wisdom.


To offer Soulistic Alchemy merging scientific & spiritual healing arts leading women back to their primal feminine power and wild nature.



is to offer healing tools that are easy to understand.


is to be authentic and speak the truth in reverence to all.


is to build momentum for the transformation process.


is our primal nature that is embodied in authentic expression.


is to create a safe and supportive space to connect and unite.

Our Creator

Salama Alremeithi is a Soulistic Alchemist & Wellness Coach. A facilitator & practitioner of the embodied healing arts with foundations in Public Health & Nutrition, Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching, Quantum & Energy Healing Modalities, Sound & Voice Healing, and Creative & Inner Alchemy. A devoted student of the great mystery schools & ancient wisdom teachings of Herbalism, Ayurveda, Tantra, Shamanism, Taoism, Sufism, and Mysticism. Her intuitive connection to music & dance since childhood played a big part in her life, which became her main medicine tool for healing. 


Salama weaved the skills & wisdom she gathered over the years through her path of healing and training of connecting to the mind, body, soul, spirit, voice, womb, creativity, nature & ancestors developing the Soulistic Alchemy Method. She creates multi-sensory & transformational healing journeys of feminine embodiment, activation, connection, exploration, creation, expression & reclamation through the foundations of Presence, Breath, Sound, Movement, Touch & Energy which guides them into reawakening & remembering their innate wisdom and truth. 


Salama supports women in a deeply embodied and trauma-informed way to reconnect and access the pathways of their inner alchemist and improve their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being by co-creating a safe space allowing for the healing to take place. As she believes that true healing comes from within and everyone  has the ability to self heal and access this innate power given the right guidance and tools. Offering Soulistic sessions, mentorships, immersions, and retreats for women.

Her Story

Salama is an Emirati born in Virginia USA and raised in Abu Dhabi UAE. Her journey began after living most of her childhood up to her adolescence in hospitals due to medical procedures for her congenital hip dysplasia and all its complexities that led to more damage, side effects, and endless medications that made her lose trust in Western medicine. This created one of her deepest traumas and severely affected her mental & emotional health. She felt completely numb and had a deep sense of emptiness, disconnection, and rejection from her body. After experiencing a lot of oppression, body shame, abuse, & depression she realized she had enough and sought out alternative methods to heal herself and explore the world of holistic natural healing. 


After years of healing, exploring, and studying with many international spiritual & scientific master teachers and guides, each helping her awaken to her gifts and providing her with tools to help others. She gained so much wisdom that completely transformed her life and uncovered her innate truth. Remembering the power of healing, she discovered many layers of herself understanding the root cause of her issues and breaking through generational conditioning and limiting beliefs to liberate & reclaim herself. 


After integrating and embodying these practices, she answered her inner calling and created Soulistic Beings, to hold space and support women to reconnect to the wisdom within and embark through their healing journey by providing the best tools and facilitate in processing unresolved issues, suppressed emotions, traumas, patterns, limiting beliefs and being real with them as this journey is not all love and light but meeting the darkness and rising again to reclaim their inner power, realign to their authentic self, and remember their soul purpose. She is trauma-informed and in deep reverence of how personal each woman’s journey is and has lived what it means to embody it. 



If you resonate and feel the call to explore more about journeying with me, book a free clarity call I would love to connect with you!

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